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  • Sean Burns

    It was such a pleasure to work with you, this has been one of my favorite products since I've started doing product reviews--truly extrodinary.

  • Judy

    We bought towels from you 10 years ago and are just now replacing them! They are truly awesome.

  • Kelly LaPlante

    The bamboo towels are greatly loved by myself and my customers. I have regular feedback on how well they wash, how soft they are and how plush the weaved patterns become with several washes.

Why Choose


Nandina is committed to bringing you exciting new products that utilize an amazing range of natural fibers from plants that have been cultivated or collected throughout time, but are just being rediscovered today. We will continue to explore new ways to combine these resources with state of the art technology to bring you exciting organic towels and all natural or environmentally friendly products to replace the potentially harmful ones most of us still use today. We hope to continue to earn your trust as an innovative company committed to preserving our planet for future generations.