How To Choose The Best Luxury Bath Towels

Posted October 30th, 2012 to Nandina              

Bamboo and certified organic cotton towels from the Heavenly Bamboo Collection by Nandina Organics

Sometimes even luxury bath towels that seem thick, plush, and thirsty don’t soak up water at all and after a few washings can feel like you’re drying off with thin sheets of sandpaper.  When buying new luxury bath towels here are a few points to consider.  It may seem cliché to say, but I’ve found you usually get what you pay for.

When searching for your new towels, cotton is always a good place to start because of its absorbency, but look for towels made from long staple cotton fibers or “combed cotton” both of which offer outstanding absorbency and wear.  Turkish bergama cotton is an example of a finest quality cotton fiber. Heirloom CollectionLook for tight loops in the towel’s weave and if you can see the bottom, it is most likely junk that will wear out in a few short months.  Another point to consider is that many manufacturers coat new towels with chemicals to make them feel soft and plush. These chemicals are basically fabric softeners that create a slightly oily feeling film on the towel that reduces absorbency. It can also cause the cotton fibers to break down much more rapidly than an untreated towel.

Silk and linen are also being used in high quality towels, but I would argue that bamboo rayon blended with cotton is a better choice for luxury towels.  Bamboo is extremely absorbent, makes the towel feel silky soft and has been found to be very durable. Another nice feature of bamboo is that it is naturally bacteria and mildew resistant, so no musty smelling towels!

Finally, consumers might want to consider buying organic luxury towels.  The days of natural or organic towels feeling and looking like burlap are long gone.  Manufacturers, such as Nandina Organics, shop-our-collections now offer beautiful selections in a multitude of colors.  Certified organic towels are free of toxic substances in both the fibers and the dyes used which is almost certainly a better choice than towels that might be coated with a fabric-softening agent.

Finally, we need to consider where and how these new towels will be used.  Are they for the master bath or for the guest bath? Will they be used often or very little? Which colors? Monogrammed? Decorative?

Happy towel shopping!